13 Pursuing a Career in Journalism

How important is journalism to the American way of life? Founding father Thomas Jefferson once said, "Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost." Must has changed over the past two centuries, but the importance of quality journalism has not. People who pursue careers in journalism must be critical thinkers and skilled communicators, and they ...

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14 Seeking Physician Jobs

When children imagine themselves growing up to become doctors, they don't envision the years of hard work they will need to do to prepare themselves. Those who enjoy biology, chemistry and the other kinds of required classes still need to work hard in residency and beyond. Becoming a physician is more of a commitment than many other job paths, but it is worth it. Even with large student loans, ...

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15 The Best Homeschooling Programs

As a parent, the hardest part about homeschooling is choosing the right program for your child. Meeting their child's needs is the priority and with the plethora of curriculums and programs available, choosing a program can become overwhelming for many families. Not only must they contend with state requirements, assessments, and lesson formats, there are also different technological aspects as...

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16 Which Early Childhood Education Program is the Best?

Working in the field of early childhood education is a fulfilling and rewarding career. Those who follow this professional path can work to help kids get a jump start on their grade school education and beyond. If you think you would like to work in the early childhood education field, you should check out some of the nation's best accredited online degree programs. Now's the time to get educat...

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