97 Unusual Dating Apps

Are you tired of the old standbys of online dating? Do you want to move your search off the computer and onto your cell? Companies like, Tinder and OkCupid are popular for a reason. They have great marketing, decent apps and they get results. helps you find a spouse. Tinder helps you hook up with someone based on whether you swipe left or right. OkCupid features the left/r...

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98 Urine Stain Removal

Sometimes accidents happen, but that doesn?t mean you have to live with them. Urine stains can put a real damper on your day and can be tough to get out from clothes, carpets, furniture, and wherever else in your home, especially when they start to set in. Whether from a child or elderly person, no matter the size of the urine stain, with the right solution, you can get urine stains out easily ...

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99 Vehicle GPS Tracking Devices

Vehicle GPS tracking devices allow users to monitor more than just their car?s location. State of the art technology provides battery-powered, hardwired, and plug-and-play GPS devices that can report on engine diagnostics, vehicle speed, distance driven, and location. Vehicle GPS tracking devices can be used to monitor as few as one vehicle or an entire fleet, showing where each one has been an...

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100 Virtual Reality Games

With numerous virtual reality games available, it is clear that virtual reality is quickly changing the world of gaming. A variety of virtual reality genres are appealing to nearly every type of gamer, putting them right in the center of the action, as if they were there. Never before has there been a gaming experience so immersive as virtual reality games. But with so many titles already devel...

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101 What Seniors Should Know about Filing Their Taxes in 2018

Seniors who are in the midst of calculating and filing their taxes in 2018 can benefit from getting the largest refund possible. Retirees living on fixed incomes cannot afford to pay more than their share in taxes. No matter how old they are, if seniors have any incomes, the Internal Revenue Service is going to want their cut. This income can come from social security payments, retirement accou...

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102 Women's Running Shoes

Ladies, get ready to run with a new pair of running shoes! The right pair of women's running shoes will keep your feet comfy and injury-free even on the longest of runs. Nike, New Balance, Adidas and Brooks are among the leading makers of women's running shoes, but buying the right pair isn't as simple as pulling something off the shelf. Style matters, for sure, but you've got to find the shoes...

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