25 Unlimited Data Cell Phone Plans

More people are spending time online in today?s digital age, and they?re doing more than just looking at a computer screen sitting on top of a desk. They?re taking their digital lives everywhere, using their phones for everything from checking e-mail to streaming video. Unlimited data plans make this all possible, and we've found our favorite cellular plans with no data restrictions. These are ...

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26 Unusual Dating Apps

Are you tired of the old standbys of online dating? Do you want to move your search off the computer and onto your cell? Companies like, Tinder and OkCupid are popular for a reason. They have great marketing, decent apps and they get results. helps you find a spouse. Tinder helps you hook up with someone based on whether you swipe left or right. OkCupid features the left/r...

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27 Vehicle GPS Tracking Devices

Vehicle GPS tracking devices allow users to monitor more than just their car?s location. State of the art technology provides battery-powered, hardwired, and plug-and-play GPS devices that can report on engine diagnostics, vehicle speed, distance driven, and location. Vehicle GPS tracking devices can be used to monitor as few as one vehicle or an entire fleet, showing where each one has been an...

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28 What You Need to Know About New 5G Technology

5G is the fifth generation of cellular network technology designed to provide a lot of great benefits for users. Many people are already raving about how the newest 5G networks will help bring about faster and more reliable communication. As smartphones and digital devices get smarter, and more people have applications that generate more data usage, it?s necessary for the wireless network to ke...

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